2012 Peter Narvaez Student Paper Prize Winners

The 2012 Awardees of The Peter Narvaez Memorial Prize for Best Student Paper are:

Dana Gorzelany-Mostak and Eric Smialek.

The review committee for the 2012 student paper prize competition was composed of:

Owen Chapman, Richard Sutherland, Will Echard, and Line Grenier

The committee as a whole were all struck by the high caliber of the papers, and especially the depth of the research they represent. Congratulations to all the contributors on their excellent and original work. Lamentably, there were no submissions this year in the french category. So the committee, as was done last year, decided to make two awards to the top two papers from the English pool.

Dana’s paper is entitled “Keepin’ it Real (Respectable) in 2008: Obama’s iPod as Proof of Cultural Blackness.”

The committee agreed that it is a highly original paper, flush with evocative descriptions of the way Obama mobilized the gimmicky “what’s on the presidential candidate’s playlist?” gag into a stylish, savvy home-run in terms of drawing connections to the cultural significance of hip hop, while skirting some of its more negative associations, with a playlist replete with soulful tracks from the Motown era, wooing the “female” vote in the process, with the conspicuous listing of feminist empowered “love” songs.

Eric’s paper is entitled “’We are all Canucks’? Constructing a Team Persona and Regional Nationalism through NHL Intro Songs”

The paper breaks down the affective and musical components of the “player’s onto the ice” soundtrack choices for the Vancouver Canucks and the Montreal Canadians, juxtaposing these songs (“Where The Streets Have No Name”, U2 and Coldplay’s “Fix You”), comparing and contrasting their features along with fan reactions to these choices, with other elements of hockey fan culture.