CFP – Hip Hop North of the 49th Parallel (Aug. 15)

Hip Hop North of the 49th Parallel: Hip Hop in Canada and Canadian Hip Hop

Edited by Dr. Charity Marsh and Dr. Mark V. Campbell

Can we confidently assert that there is such a thing as a hip hop nation in Canada? If so, what might this ‘nation’ look like given on-going colonial/settler relations, the nature of overlapping African diasporas, the increasing celebrations of multiculturalism, changing immigration policies, the rise of urban reserves, the on-going threat of francophone separatism, and disparate geographic realities from coast to coast to coast? Or would it be more useful to articulate hip hop in Canada and Canadian Hip Hop within the framework of Benedict Anderson’s ‘imagined communities’ or through the lens of  ‘diasporic sensibilities’ as recently suggested by Murray Forman? Is Rinaldo Walcott’s assertion of Canadian hip hop as subversive and insubordinate vis-a-vis the Canadian state a productive place to begin our critical inquiry?

The editors of Hip Hop in Canada and Canadian Hip Hop are interested in exploring hip hop cultures and communities (past and present) in their diverse and varied forms throughout Canada. Our intention is to elaborate on the ways in which geography, coloniality, race, gender, religion, ethnicity, and socio-economic structures intersect with hip hop cultures. We read hip hop widely in Canada, from recording artists to digital beatbattles to staged ‘ciphers’ to award ceremonies and graffiti festivals to community-based hip hop projects. It is critical at this juncture to make clear the lay of the Canadian land; articulating and theorizing where new hip hop knowledges, social forms, and cultural practices might make possible more equitable futures. We encourage articles that explore the following topics and more:

  • Canada’s Hip Hop Nation
  • Hip Hop and Diaspora
  • Indigenous Hip Hop Culture
  • Community development and Hip Hop
  • Francophone Hip Hop Culture
  • Hip Hop Festivals and award ceremonies
  • Canadian Hip Hop films
  • Turntablism and Controllerism in Canada
  • Maritime Hip Hop cultures
  • Prairie Hip Hop Cultures
  • Race and Hip Hop
  • West Coast Rap and Hip Hop
  • Multiculturalism and Hip Hop
  • Teaching through/with Hip Hop
  • Canadian/Regional Hip Hop histories/herstories
  • Remix cultures
  • Inuit Hip Hop cultures
  • Fatherhood/ Mothers and Hip Hop in Canada
  • Bboy-Bgirlism in Canada
  • Consumption of Hip Hop culture in Canada
  • Hip Hop and the Recording Industry in Canada
  • Hip Hop and Community radio shows
  • Performing Canadian Identities through Hip Hop

We are interested in critical interventions, histories, theoretical papers, interviews and fieldwork that interrupt, illuminate, empower, emancipate and/or deepens our knowledge of hip hop cultures in Canada.

250 word abstracts due August 15, 2012

Completed papers are due: November 15, 2012

Please email abstracts to both Charity.Marsh (at) and mcampb14 (at)