2009 Halifax

Going Coastal: Peripheries and Centres in Popular Music

June 12-14, 2009
Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS

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Friday, June 12 / Vendredi 12 juin

8:30 — 9:30: Registration Table Opens / Table des inscriptions ouverte

9:00 — 10:30: Session 1, Welcome and Plenary Session / Séance de bienvenue et plénière

“Popular Music Studies: A Dialogue Across the Disciplines”

Beverley Diamond, Memorial University of Newfoundland,

David Brackett, McGill University

Line Grenier, Université de Montréal

11:00 — 12:30

Session 2A: Music and Canadian Popular Culture / Musique et Culture Populaire Canadienne
Moderator / Modératrice: Susan Fast

11:00 Andrew Vincent, York University, “Continuing Divisions: Cultural Policy and the Space of Canadian Popular Music”

11:30 John Higney, Carleton University, “The Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent on Recordings (FACTOR): Reconciling Culture and Commerce in Canada’s ‘Music Industry’”

12:00 Robin Attas, University of British Columbia, “Song Structure and Sarah McLachlan: Innovations and Norms in Popular Songwriting Structure”

Session 2B: Exploring Auteurship / Explorer l’Auteur
Moderator / Modérateur: Peter Narvaez

11:00 Michael Audette-Longo, University of Ottawa, “Kevin Barnes-as-Georgie Fruit: The Limitations of Resistance and Co-Optation for Indie Rock Identities and the Identities of Indie Rock”

11:30 Marlie Centawer, Brock University, “Re-claiming autonomy: Billy Corgan and TheFutureEmbrace (2005)”

12:00 Nicholas Greco, Providence College and Seminary, “‘I Feel It All’: Cruising the voice of Feist”

Session 2C: Former Centres, Changing Centres / Centres Anciens, Centres Changeants
Moderator / Modérateur: David Brackett

11:00 Sarah Feltham, SUNY Stoney Brook, “Taking the Piss and Mourning the Empire: Irony, Nostalgia, and British Identity in Music of the Kinks”

11:30 Michael Ethen, McGill University, “The Festival that Wasn’t: Erie Canal Soda Pop Festival and Black Oak Arkansas”

12:00 Scott Henderson, Brock University, “‘I Don’t Want To Be Friends With You’: Rethinking Subculture in the Digital Age”

1:30 — 3:00

Session 3A: Theoretical Reflections / Réflexions théoriques
Moderator / Modérateur: Todd McCallum

1:30 Mickey Vallee, University of Alberta, “Turn Me On, Dead Man!’: Backmasking and the Inaudible Tissue of Reversability”

2:00 Paul Jasen, Carleton University, “Bass Cultures and the Sensory Construction of the Audio-Social”

2:30 Tara Rodgers, McGill University, “Revisiting Atlantis: Waves, Tides, and Voyage in Epistemologies of Sound”

Session 3B: Assimilation / Indigenization / Assimilation / Indigénation
Moderator / Modératrice: Beverley Diamond

1:30 Alan Karass, College of the Holy Cross / Open University, “Festivals in Tunisia: Music, Cultural Identity, and Geography”

2:00 Peter Narvaez, Memorial University of Newfoundland, “From the Blues to an Inaugural Benediction: Changed Usages of Racial Designations in African-American Expressive Culture”

2:30 Gerry McGoldrick, York University, “From ‘My Blue Heaven’ to ‘Nowhere Man’: Foreign language covers in Japan”

Session 3C: Beyond the Local: Musical Scenes Across Canada / Au-delà du Local: les Scènes Musicales à travers le Canada
Moderator / Modératrice: Line Grenier

1:30 Henry Adam Svec, University of Western Ontario, “Songs from Nowhere: Torontopia, Old Man Luedecke, and Critical Utopianism”

2:00 Johanne Melançon, Laurentian University, “La chanson en milieu minoritaire et la reconnaissance de l’autre”

2:30 Ian Dahlman, Ryerson University, “‘A big, Beautiful Mess’: Multitudinous Perspectives from the Centre and Peripheries of Broken Social Scene’s Membership”

3:00 — 3:30: Coffee Break, Registration Table Open / Pause Café, Table des inscriptions ouverte

3:30 — 5:00

Session 4A: Roles of Music in Film and Theatre / Les Rôles de la Musique au Cinéma et au Théâtre
Moderator / Modératrice: Christina Baade

3:30 Janice Esther Tulk, Cape Breton University, “Converging Peripheries: Musical Exoticism and the Aesthetic of Ambiguity in Walt Disney’s Brother Bear”

4:00 Lauren Acton, York University, “Middlebrow Entertainment? Broadway, Hollywood and the Musicalization of Popular Films”

4:30 Emily Gale, University of Virginia, “Yacht Rock and the ‘Raw Power of Really Smooth Music’”

Session 4B: European Centres, European Peripheries / Centres Européens, Périphéries Européennes
Moderator / Modérateur: Cory Thorne

3:30 Renata Pasternak-Mazur, Rutgers University, “Hiphopolo or Silencing through Mainstreaming: Shifting Centers in Polish Hip-Hop”

4:00 Chris McDonald, Cape Breton University, “Celtic Fringes, Oriental Sojourns: Searching for the Elemental in Celtic Pop”

Session 4C: New Centres, New Peripheries?: The Roles for Digital Technology & Cyberspace / Nouveaux Centres, Nouvelles Périphéries?: Les Rôles des Technologies Numériques et du Cyberespace

Moderator / Modératrice: Charity Marsh

3:30 Jeremy Morris, McGill University, “Making Technology Behave: Music and Metadata”

4:00 Barbara Ching, University of Memphis, “Songcatching, Cyberspace, and the Point of Purchase”

4:30 Tom Artiss, Memorial University of Newfoundland, “‘We Learned Our Throat Songs from YouTube’: Tracing the Cybernetic Journey of an Inuit Throat Song”

Saturday, June 13 / Samedi 13 juin

8:00 — 9:00: Registration Table Opens / Table des inscriptions ouverte

9:00 — 10:30

Session 1A: American Music: Historical Views of Class and Status / Musique Américaine: Vues Historiques sur les Classes et les Statuts
Moderator / Modérateur: Jason Haslam

9:00 Steve Baur, Dalhousie University, “Rhythm, Percussion, and the Performance of Social Class in the Blackface Minstrel Show”

9:30 Jonathon Bakan, Ryerson University, “Untangling ‘America’s Classical

10:00 Peter Brown, Mount Allison University, “The Centre at the Periphery: American Exceptionalism in California Punk, ca. 1977-1983”

Session 1B: Querying the Boundaries: Politics, Aesthetics, and Judgements / Interroger les Frontières: Politique, Esthétique et Jugements
Moderator / Modérateur: Chris McDonald

9:00 Charles Mueller, Florida State University, “Musicology and Subculture Social Theory: An Interdisciplinary Perspective”

9:30 Eric Smialek, McGill University, “Breathing Fire: Timbral Expression in the Extreme Metal Voice”

10:00 Hélène Laurin, McGill University, “Rock Criticism’s Judgments Concerning Heavy Metal”

Session 1C: Gender & Sexuality in Popular Music / Genres et Sexualités en Musique Populaire
Moderator / Modératrice: Barbara Ching

9:00 Barry Promane, University of Western Ontario, “‘Let Me Live’: The AIDS Crisis, Homophobia and Rock Ideology”

9:30 Cindy Boucher, University of Alberta, “Theorizing Queer Music”

10:00 Mark Laver, University of Toronto, “Black and White Night: Roy Orbison, Tom Waits, Bruce Springsteen and the Theatrics of Masculinity”

10:30 — 11:00: Coffee Break, Registration Table Open / Pause Café, Table des inscriptions ouverte

11:00 — 12:30

Session 2A: Centres and Peripheries in Mediation and Dissemination / Centres et Périphéries dans la Médiation et la Dissémination
Moderator / Modératrice: Jacqueline Warwick

11:00 Cory Thorne, Memorial University of Newfoundland, “Street Vendors, Music Piracy, and the Embargo: CD culture in Cuba”

11:30 Gillian Turnbull, York University, “$10K, No Strings Attached: Controlling the Marginal on Commercial Radio”

12:00 Sandria P. Bouliane, Université Laval, “From New York City à la ville de Montréal: Behind the translation, le « making of » d’une appropriation musicale”

Session 2B: Jazz and Pop: Shifting Relationships / Jazz et Pop: Relations Mouvantes
Moderator / Modérateur: Paul Aitken

11:00 Michael Jarrett, Pennsylvania State University, “Choragraphy: A Better Metaphor (and the Case of Mainstream vs. Avant-Garde Jazz)”

11:30 Peter Johnston, York University, “From Mainstream to Downstream: Jimmy Giuffre and the Deconstruction of the Jazz Art World”

12:00 Alan Stanbridge, University of Toronto, “Setting Standards: Hybridity and Synthesis in Contemporary Music”

Session 2C: Interactive Media and Performance: Reflections on IMP Research / Média Interatifs et Performance: Réflexions sur la Recherche IMP
Moderator / Modérateur: None / Aucun

11:00 Charity Marsh, University of Regina, “Masculinity, Indigeneity, and Media Representations of (Gangsta’ Rap in) Regina”

11:30 Marcia Ostashewski, University of Regina, “Mixed Music: Cultural Production of Canada’s Aboriginal-Ukrainians”

12:00 Graham St. John, University of Regina, “Fear and Raving: Panic and Desire in Electronic Dance Music Culture”

5:00: General Meeting, Arts Centre Room 406 / Rencontre générale, Arts Centre Room 406

Sunday, June 14 / Dimanche 14 juin

9:00 — 10:30

Session 1A: Music, Art, and Words / Musique, Art et Mots
Moderator / Modérateur: Scott Henderson

9:00 Pat Brennan, Memorial University of Newfoundland, “Art Rock: Canadian Collaborations”

9:30 Heather Sparling, Cape Breton University, “Judging Albums by Their Covers: An Analysis of Gaelic Album Art & Liner Notes”

10:00 Kip Pegley, Queen’s University, “‘The Best Theory’: Critical Reflections on the Student Contributions to Musical Traditions, Cultures and Contexts: Essays in Honour of Beverley Diamond

Session 1B: Heroes and Icons / Héros et Icônes
Moderator / Modérateur: Alan Stanbridge

9:00 Christina Baade, McMaster University, “Between the Lines: ‘Lili Marlene’, Sexuality, and the Desert War”

9:30 Kalliopi Stiga, University of Athens, Greece, “Mikis Theodorakis: le dernier “dieu” Grec ou un symbole diachronique de Liberté?”

10:00 Holly Everett, Memorial University of Newfoundland, “Harry Choates as Cajun Cultural Hero”

11:00 — 12:30: Session 2

Session 2B: Musico-Cultural Borrowings and Transformations / Transformations et Emprunts Musico-Culturels
Moderator / Modérateur: Steven Baur

11:00 Erin Walker, University of Kentucky, “Bulgaria, Bartók, and Belgian Rock: Musical Syncretism in Univers Zéro’s Ceux du Dehors”

11:30 Anthony Cushing and Matthew Rohweder, University of Western Ontario, “Sad, mad, and murderous: Tracking Reflections of Victorian Sea Narratives in The Decemberists’s revised Sea Shanty: ‘The Mariner’s Revenge Song’”