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Analysing Popular Music – David Machin

David Machin, Analysing Popular Music: Image, Sound and Text. London & New York: Sage, 2010.




Discourses of popular music

Album Iconography: Postures, Objects, Settings

Visual Composition: Typeface and Colour

Analysing Lyrics: Values, Participants, Agency

Semiotic Resources in Sound: Pitch, Melody and Phrasing

Sound Qualities: Arrangement and Rhythm

Analysing Genre: The Sounds of Britpop

Analysing Music in Film

Analysing Music in Video and Television


“A definitive guide to issues of textual analysis, representation and semiotics in popular music. Informed, instructive and refreshingly accessible; it boasts a host of original examples, exercises and invaluable resources” – Bill Osgerby, London Metropolitan University

“David Machin has the gift of explaining complex ideas in clear and direct language that will engage students and enrich their experience of music” – Theo Van Leeuwen, University of Technology Sydney

“A comprehensive and innovative addition to the literature on the analysis of popular music. Scholars and students will find this an essential reference text for future work” – Brian Longhurst, University of Salford

“David Machin’s book will be invaluable for anyone who wants to systematically analyse the way that popular music is meaningful in the media. He provides clear, accurate, explanations of the ideas of other writers, and sets out helpful approaches to analysing popular music as a modern form of visual and sound communication. The book will now be on my recommended reading lists for both undergraduate and postgraduate students” – Tim Wall, Birmingham City University