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BluesSpeak: The Best of Original Chicago Blues Annual – Lincoln T. Beauchamp Jr., ed.

Lincoln T. Beauchamp Jr., ed. BluesSpeak: The Best of Original Chicago Blues Annual. Chicago: University of Illinois Press, 2010.

From the publisher’s website:

Lincoln T. Beauchamp’s incomparable anthology collects articles, interviews,
fiction, and poetry from the Original Chicago Blues Annual, one of music
history’s most significant periodical blues publications.  From 1989 to
1995, OCBA gave voice to the blues community and often frankly addressed
contentious issues like race, identity, prejudice, wealth, gender, and
inequity. Reflecting a broad diversity of blues audiences and activities
around the world, The selections in BluesSpeak include key selections from
OCBA’s seven issues and features candid interviews with performers and
artists, heartfelt memorials to bygone blues artists, insightful
observations on the state of the blues in Chicago and beyond, and dozens of
photographs of performers, promoters, and other participants in the
worldwide blues scene.